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"Our mission is to foster in our students a passion for learning and to provide a safe nurturing environment in which they can develop the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve full potential in their personal, social and work lives and to become contributing members of society." 

--Marblehead Public Schools


Click here for information on the Bell-Coffin-Gerry Feasibility Study

Announcing the launch of Marblehead Schools Dashboard


The Marblehead Public Schools is pleased to announce the launch of our dashboard, an interactive and informative data and metrics platform. The goal of the dashboard is to provide families and the community accessible data points, directly relating to our district strategic goals.

   Click here to visit the dashboard.

Mac/Safari Tech Issue with Google Apps

We have had reports regarding user problems accessing our Google Apps login page. The issue occurs only with Mac computer users who use Safari browser. Please note that if you use Chrome or Firefox browsers on your Mac computer, you will not experience this issue. If you are unable to connect to the Google Apps login page with a Mac using Safari, please use the instructions below to correct the issue. If you need further assistance, please contact the Tech Dept.

1. Quit Safari. Then, from the Finder, go to Go -> Utilities and double-click Keychain Access (or type Keychain in the Spotlight search in the upper-right).
2. In Keychain Access, select "Certificates" from the list of categories in the bottom-left.
3. In the view menu, select "Show Expired Certificates."
4. Select all the certificates listed and delete them by going to Edit -> Delete. Then re-launch Safari and retry.

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