Bell School was named for Mr. Malcolm Lawrie Bell (1890-1940). He was the son of Rev. S. Linton Bell, the pastor of Old North Church for many years. He attended Marblehead Grammar School, Salem High School and Andover Academy. Married to Elizabeth Webb Bell, they had three sons: Linton, Lawrie and Robert; and they lived at 14 Gregory Street. He worked at Stone & Webster and transferred to Tucker Anthony & Co. as a banker and broker.

When World War I began, Bell joined the U.S. Navy and attained the rank of ensign. Returning home to Marblehead, he served on the School Board for nine years, Board of Selectmen for four years, Board of Assessors, Retirement Pension Board and was active with the YMCA and the Marblehead Historical Society.

In 1926 he entered the race for Republican State House Representative and lost by a narrow margin of 22 votes. However, in 1928, he tried again and won. In 1930, he was also elected to the State Senate. In fact, he was serving his fourth term as a representative when he died at the young age of 49.

Malcolm Bell was described as a man who exhibited humility, kindness and consideration; who gave freely of himself and his money to the people of Marblehead; and who sacrificed his personal desires and political career in order to benefit others.

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 Upper Bell opened on January 5, 1971.  Lower Bell opened on November 15, 1958.


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