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The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program is designed to help schools create a positive learning environment and decrease adverse behaviors. PBIS is a school and district wide program that emphasizes the importance of proactively defining, teaching and supporting students to create a positive school environment. It provides a continuum of positive behavior supports for all students within all school settings. These include classrooms, hallways, lunch areas, bathrooms, specials, arrival/dismissal, assemblies and the playground. The program is designed to support everyone in the school community, including staff, students and families.

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The behavioral expectations were created by the PBIS team to explicitly define the expected behaviors of students. The matrix provides the foundation for increasing consistency throughout school settings and classrooms because it is taught to all students. All staff are responsible for implementing the matrix. Faculty and staff administer tokens to students who are "caught" doing an expected behavior. After a student  earns a token, he or she brings it down to the front office where each classroom has a tube. The tokens are collected here each week and counted on Thursdays. A winner for each grade level is then announced. Different rewards are given for the classroom who earns the most tokens that week. These rewards range from simple classroom activities to whole school celebrations. 
Here at the Bell School we change the locations we are focusing on after a period of time. These locations have included the playground, bathrooms, classroom and several others from the expections matrix. However, faculty and staff still reward students who are showing expected behaviors in previous focus areas. This helps children remember to keep doing the right thing no matter where they are. The ultimate goal of using tokens is to help children remember to always do the right thing, because they never know when they might earn a token for being respectful, responsible or safe. The students work together to earn whole school rewards such as crazy hair and hat day! 


For questions or more information, contact a Bell School PBIS team member: Donna Zaeske, Kara Elmer, Rachel Leavitt, Lindsay McGuinness, Katelyn Meredith, Aimee Sheppard, Janet Bach, Jessica Decker, Lisa Jendrysik and Karen Pierce.



Additional Information:

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: www.pbis.org

The Massachusetts Tiered System of Supports: www.doe.mass.edu/apa/sss/mts

Marblehead District PBIS page: http://www.marbleheadschools.org/pbis

The PBIS Team Handbook by Beth Baker and Char Ryan

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