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  • Is it appropriate for my child to bring their cell phone to school?

Children may bring cell phones to school. However, cell phones may not be taken out of backpacks during school hours and are only usable after 2:15. 

  • How do I find out about events at the Village School?

To learn about upcoming events, check the district school calendar to the right or in the 'Calendars' top menu.

  • Do teachers and staff have e-mail addresses?

Yes. The e-mail format for the Village Staff is:

  • What is EDU?

E.D.U stands for Explore! Discover! Understand! It is a dedicated time each week for exploratory programs and activities in all areas of the curriculum to help students discover and extend interests and abilities. This is when the Performing Arts ensembles rehearse (such as chorus, band, and orchestra) and additional art, theater, expression, movement, and interdisciplinary courses take place.

  • What messages are appropriate to interrupt my child's class for?

Messages to your child during school hours should only be for emergencies. Please try to have after school arrangements made in advance of the school day.

  • I need to dismiss my child early. Should I call or send in a note?

Please send a note and have your child bring it directly to the Main Office. This allows the office time to review your child's schedule for that specific day, and have him or her ready for dismissal in a timely manner.

  • Why do I need a CORI form?

If you wish to volunteer in our school, you will need to fill out a CORI form. If you have had a CORI check through the School Department in the past three years, you do not need to have another.  If you wish to go on a field trip (daily or overnight), you must also be fingerprinted. Please see the Volunteering Requirements page for more info.

  • What do I do if see the Village School on my caller ID, but there is no message?

Calls from the Main Office or nurse will have a message. Since classrooms are equipped with telephones, please check with your child after school to find out if they called.

  • Can I park in the spots in front of the Village school at pick up?

No. The parking in front of the school off Village Street is open for only parents and visitors until 2:00 pm. There is no entering the circle from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm, unless student need has warranted explicit permission. Pease remember the rule for the pick up circle so we can continue to allow students to exit safely.

  • When is the last day of 2015-2016 school year?

The students last day is Tuesday, June 28 (includes 5 snow days). 

  • My child lost a Village School library book. Whom do I contact?

As our funding for books is limited, we ask that lost or damged books be replaced or paid for, by cash or check made out to the Village School Library.

  • What is the Solo & Duet Recital and how do I find out about it?

Please contact your child's music teacher for more information about the Solo & Duet Recital. Music teachers at the Village School are Ms. Ferris (band), Mrs. Frias (orchestra), Mrs. Seapy (general music), Mr. Stoddard (general music & chorus), and Mrs. Frigon (general music & chorus).

  • How do I find out about the band or orchestra program?

Contact Ms. Ferris for the band program or Mrs. Frias (formerly Parsons) for the orchestra program. Also, check the Village Band Website.

  • How do I find out about the school musical?

Contact Ms. Ferris. Also, check the  Village Theatre Website.

  • How do I find out about events in the community?
The district promotes a “green” approach for the distribution of community flyers and announcements. Instead of flyers sent home in the weekly “backpack,” approved community events and/or sign-ups are posted on a web page entitled Virtual Backpack. You'll find its link to the right or in the 'Quick Links' top menu. Please review this site each week as new approvals for flyers are posted as they are received.

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