Glover School Song

Thanks to a generous grant we received from FMPS and the PTO (from our Magic Hat funding), our third graders worked with songwriter, Alastair Moock, to create our school song. Alastair began with a 3rd grade assembly where he taught the students how important language arts skills are when writing a song. He went on to work with each classroom to brainstorm ideas for their very own Glover School song. During the two weeks of his artist residency, Alastair worked with the students to write, practice, record and perform our song that reflects the unique qualities of Glover, the student body and Marblehead. This song debuted at an all-school assembly and is sung it during our morning announcements and at every Community Meeting. 

Welcome to the Glover School

On Maple Street in Marblehead up on the Northern Shore's
A place where you'll find kindness when you walk in through the doors
History's alive here and the kids are super cool
For a hundred years and more we welcome you to Glover School!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our halls
Welcome to the Glover School, welcome one and all

Respect, responsibility, and safety are the core
Of the values that we share when we set foot upon these floors
Like John Glover led his navy upon the rolling sea
We are leaders here at Glover and the best that we can be


Bonded by community, we gather in this school~
Our friendships are as solid as the walls of old Fort Sewell
Like that lighthouse on the coast we stand tall here and we shine
And we love our Glover School because it's yours and mine


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