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February 12, 2018   Volume 3 Issue 26



“Mistakes-call them

unexpected learning



Richard Bach


I am applying the principles we teach our students on Growth Mindset, I made a mistake when I did not explain to parents in advance about our lunch cleanup plans.  To be honest I thought it was a simple solution to teach students responsibility in cleaning their lunch tables after they finished eating. I was unaware of the growing parent concerns until I went to the PTO meeting last week. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for me to answer questions adequately as I had to attend another prior scheduled meeting with a teacher.  As a result, the problem took on a life of its own.


We had planned to start the process with a ten-minute time frame and quickly shorten it to five minutes.  We also continued to encourage students to socialize during lunch but to keep eating while they did.


Through calls, meetings with parents, and the PTO meeting, I have decided to stop the current plan and revisit the cleanup process in the future.  When we have a new plan I will communicate it in advance with you.


My door is always open if you have any concerns.  Please contact me and I will address them with you as quickly as possible.


February 12, 2018


Dear Glover School Families:


Fit February: During the month students will be exposed to various aspects of good health practices. We include the Can Drive, Jump for Life and many other activities.  The nurse will be submitting healthy recipes in each newsletter for anyone interested.


We will cap the month off with a visit from the High School team captains.  They come to our all school Community Meeting and answer questions that the students submit.  One question from the previous year that stands out in my mind was posed to the Captains of the varsity football team.  He was asked if he ever cried.  His response was yes.  Sometimes if he got hit hard he would cry.  That honest answer from a high school football player made a huge impression on our students.  

Principal’s Network Meeting:  I attended a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) meeting last Tuesday.  It is a cohort group of principals from elementary schools.  A principal brings in a case study from his/her school and describes it to the group.  The group then asks qualifying questions.  After the question and answer period, the group then discusses what practices they use in their schools to address similar problems.  It is an excellent way to see how other schools deal with problems.  I found it informative and interesting and plan to continue attending these meetings.


Service Learning:  Our can drive is in full swing and we marvel at the generosity of our families.  A reminder that it is not only food items that are needed but toiletries and other items are always welcomed.


MCAS:  The exams are scheduled as follows: The English Language Arts test dates are Sessions 1-3 April 24-26th and the math dates are Math sessions 1&2 May 10-11th.  


We request you do not schedule appointments for your third grader during this time frame or take a vacation outside of the district vacations.  Our school rating is based on student scores that include attendance.  


School Improvement Plan (SIP):  Work continues of reviewing and updating this plan.  The plan will be posted on our school web page when it is accepted by the Superintendent.


Kindergarten Registration information:  Registration will be held until February 28, 2018, Monday through Thursday, by appointment, at Central Administration, 9 Widger Road.  To set up an appointment please call Tracey Corbett at 781 639-4149 extension 26 or email her at  Packets can be picked up at Central Admin or downloaded from our website at

If you know of any first time Kindergarten parents, please pass this information on to them.

Jump for Life:  Our annual Jump Rope for Heart Event will take place February 12th-16th.  The event will take place during the physical education classes. 


School Spirit Day:  Thank you again for reminding your students to wear their Rocky T-Shirts to the Thursday Community Meeting.  It is heartwarming to have students come up to me beaming with pride at wearing their Rocky Shirts.


Virtual Backpack:  There are a lot of exciting activities and events taking place in the community.  Don’t miss out on any of these wonderful events.  You will find a complete listing on the district website;


Important Dates:


  • Kindergarten Registration through February 28th.

  • Jump for Life February 12th

  • Winter Break February 19th -23rd  No School

  • Village School Incoming 4th grade parent night February 28th.  Parents will be contacted by the Village School with more information


  • MCAS dates:  The English Language Arts test dates are Sessions 1-3 April 24-26th and the math dates are Math sessions 1&2 May 10-11th


On behalf of our very caring, dedicated, and most excellent staff have a great week.






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