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Brian Ota                                                                                                 

September 18, 2017                                                                                       Volume 3 Issue 7

                                                         “Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This Saturday I attended Edcamp. I have been going to them for years. It is a free, participant driven forum in which teachers and administrators get together and share concerns and best practices. When you get there, there is a huge board with unfilled time slots. Any participant can host a session or attend a session. The entire Edcamp is free flowing where you can start in one room, discover the topic was not what you expected and then you can move to another. I noticed that the 10:10 time slot did not have any topics that really interested me. So on the spur of the moment I volunteered to host a session on our PBIS program at Glover. Since this was a spur of the moment decision I realized I did not have my adapter for my Macbook and no memory sticks in my bag. I had two slide shows that I could quickly modify for this audience; I panicked. Then I realized we had moved to Google Docs this year and I could download my presentations to there and present them off the desktop in the classroom. I had 25 teachers come from across the North Shore. I presented our program; how it was created, what it covered and how successful it is. We then discussed their schools and districts and how they can look into putting PBIS there. At the end most of the teachers asked if I could give them access to my slides. I was stumped as to how to do that. The technician guru for Edcamp walked me through the process of giving access to just my presentation slides to the teachers that attended my session through google. It was a pretty amazing experience.

Dear Glover School Families:

Glover Open House: Our open house was a great success with standing room only. Thank you for coming into our school on a weekday night and enduring our non-air conditioned cafeteria.

Picture Day: Our picture day is September 25th. Your students should have brought home the order forms by now. If you have not received them please contact the main office and we will send home another form.

Coffee with the Principal: It was a great kickoff meeting. Seven parents came and I gave a quick bio on myself. We discussed how the school operates. The role of Teacher Leaders, SAC, and PLCs were discussed as well as our School Improvement Plan. Parents asked about the large class size in the first grade and what we were doing to address this and why a fifth 1stgrade was not created. We went through the discussions that resulted in the final decision. The key is that we are monitoring the progress of the students and will be flexible to address any issues that come up. Our next Coffee with the Principal is October 11th at 8:15.

Disaster Relief Fund Drive: It was announced at the Open House, that Glover has decided to raise money for the Red Cross. We chose the Red Cross because it is a legitimate non-profit organization that provides relief to families, towns and cities, where ever a calamity occurs.

This fund drive is a Service Learning Project. Students are asked to write a short essay on why they want to participate or not participate in the fund drive. If they agree to help, they perform chores and earn their donations. This is the socio emotional growth part of the project. The students donate their time and effort to help those less fortunate than themselves. The last part is another writing assignment in which the students reflect and/or write on what they learned.

The drive ends October 4th. Please make your checks out to the Red Cross. If you make it out to the school we have to deposit it into our donations account and then issue a purchase order. The same applies to cash donations. By sending in a check to the Red Cross it goes directly to them and will prevent delays in the money getting to them.

Lost and Found: Now that the weather is cool in the morning and students are wearing pullovers and sweaters to school our lost and found is beginning to increase. We put all the items we find on the table under the main lobby stairs. Once a month when Glover is scheduled for the Magic Hat we donate any unclaimed clothing to them (which is this week on Wednesday). We highly recommend you put your student’s name on a label in the clothing. We try and return clothing before donating it to the Magic Hat. Water bottles and lunch bags need to be labeled. We discard those unclaimed items after a few weeks.

Listening Tour: Superintendent Perry and the Gerry School Building Committee invite you to share your thoughts and concerns as they continue the Coffin Bell School feasibility study. It will be held in the High School Auditorium, September 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Magic Hat: The Magic Hat is one of the biggest ways the PTO raises money. Last year Glover received $27,000 for the parent volunteer hours. For every hour you volunteer the PTO receives a stipend from the Magic Hat. Not only does the PTO receive money any parent volunteer can get a discount for coming in.

Following is the sign up link for our first Magic Hat week, September 19-23. Note that we only have three days to volunteer as the Shop is closed on Thursday and Friday, September 21 and 22.

Ali Drayer and Lindsey Olson are the PTO parents who run the Magic Hat for Glover. We cannot thank them enough for the hard work they do for us.

Safety Drills:

So far this month we have had a bus evacuation drill and a fire drill. Lt. Rice from the fire department was very impressed with how quickly and orderly our drill went. This is the purpose of practicing safety drills. Should a fire occur in our school we would be outside and all students accounted for in under five minutes

Virtual Backpack: There are a lot of exciting activities and events taking place in the community. For example Cub Scouts and Girl Scout signups. Don’t miss out on any of these wonderful events. You will find a complete listing on the district website;

Important Dates:

  • Magic Hat September 19-23rd and September 21st and September 22nd.
  • Picture Day September 25th
  • September 21st & 22nd no school
  • Disaster Relief Drive end October 4th

On behalf of our very caring, dedicated, and most excellent staff have a great week.



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