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Web Links by Grade Level & Subject

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All About Me Dinosaurs Oceans Space

Ben's Games

Play along with Benjamin Franklin


Character Critters

Read these stories and learn about what's important


Stories from around the World

Watch movies about your favorite stories


Song:  "There are seven days"

Listen to a song about the days of the week


Your Neighborhood

Learn about what goes on in a neighborhood

Dinosaur Dig

A virtual "Dinosaur Dig", how to find fossils, word games and puzzles, and more!


Dinotainment at the Jurassic Park Institute

Learn and play with the dinosaurs



Explore a dinosaur database at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis


Sue the T.Rex

Learn about "Sue" at the Chicago Field Museum

Aquatic Safari
Learn about interesting sea life at SeaWorld


Fish Mobile
With the help of PBS, create your own Fish Mobile

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Watch penguins, otters, and other sea animals through the aquarium's live cameras.

Treasures @ Sea
Exploring the ocean through literature


Virtual Fish Tank

Dive in and explore!


Voyage of the Odyssey
Watch videos taken from under a ship  of whales, dolphins and other sea creatures.

Astronomy for Kids

An well-organized website with lots of photographs and simple explanations


Hubble Site

View the latest images from the Hubble Telescope



Have fun while you learn about space from the experts


The Space Place

Another great site from NASA and loaded with games





First Grade
China Colonial Life Japan Liquids & Solids Organisms Weather

China for Kids

Explore Chinese culture and customs


Chinese Calendar

Learn about animals and how they relate to the Chinese calendar


China ABC's

Learn about china from a group of third graders


Yin Yu Tang

Learn about the Chinese House at the Peabody Essex Museum

Colonial America

Learn about colonial America at the Library of Congress


Colonial Games & Toys

A sampling of what Colonial children played


Colonial Kids

A celebration of life in the 1700's


A Meal Without Forks

Find out what the colonists really ate at Thanksgiving


Pilgrim Interviews

Listen to interviews with Myles Standish and Ellinor Billington

A Day with Kentaro

Learn about life in Japan through the eyes of a young boy named Kentaro

Aquatic Critters

Learn about creatures in aquatic environments


All about Turtles

Everything you want to know about turtles



An online exhibit from Exploratorium


Click on "Change It" and watch the transformation


Hotter or Colder

A fun way to learn about solids and liquids


Revise Wise

A short tutorial on solids, liquids, and gases from the BBC


States of Matter

An animation about solids, liquids, and gases

FEMA for Kids

Learn how to be prepared in an emergency from the Federal Emergency Management Agency


Hurricane Images from Space

Let NASA show you what it all looks like from space



A great place to learn about tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes


Weather Wiz Kids

Lots of fun from meteorologist Crystal Wicker


Web Weather for Kids

Try your hand at forecasting the weather







Second Grade
Balancing & Weighing Butterflies Native Americans Soils

Animal Weigh-In
Play along and see how well you can balance the scales

"Poddle" Weigh-In
Another game to help you learn how work the scales

Butterflies for Kids

Design a butterfly with scales


Butterflies of North America

Lots of facts about butterflies from every state


Monarch Butterfly On-line

Try to do this online puzzle


Monarch Migration

Learn all about why Monarch butterflies migrate


Zoom Butterfly

A butterfly glossary

Arctic Studies Center
Watch an Eskimo Dance

Carved History
View photos of totem poles at Sitka National Park

Magic Lantern Show
Listen and watch Frances Densmore, song catcher, and the Native Americans

Native American food and recipes

Ask the Answer Worm

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service answers students questions about soil


The Dirt on Soil

Discovery School explores what's really going on under the soil

New England Soil Profiles
Take a look at the soil from various places in New England


Soil Science Education Page

NASA helps to understand everything you wanted to know about soil


Soil Songs

Add a little humor to your studies and sing about soil








Third Grade
Alphabetize Chemical Tests Elapsed Time Massachusetts Pilgrims Plant Growth Rocks & Minerals Writing

Alphabet Games
Play games and learn about alphabetizing

Guide Words
What are they?  Learn about how to use them here

Power Proofreading
Once you learn how to alphabetize, practice your grammar skills

Food for Thought

Check out a world of mysteries in your supermarket

The pH Factor

Examine the pH of common household objects

The Home Lab

Fun science experiments to try at home


Match each poem with its correct photograph to learn about the chemical reactions all around us

Beat the Time

Read the words and stop the clock


Discovering Elapsed Time

Determine the amount of time that has elapsed between two time periods


Partners in Time

Match the digital and analog clocks

Famous People from Massachusetts

Learn about the many famous people that are from our state


Massachusetts Geography

Get the facts about Massachusetts geography


A Tour of Massachusetts History & Trivia

Take the tour and learn about our state


Massachusetts Fun Facts

All the things that you really wanted to know about Massachusetts

Mayflower Passenger List

A list and background for all the passengers on the Mayflower


Plymouth Plantation Map

View a map of the early Plymouth Plantation


Scholastic:  the First Thanksgiving

Learn about the first Thanksgiving


You are the Historian: Plimouth Plantation

An interactive site to help you learn about the Pilgrims

Fastplants:  Gallery of Images

View the fastplants in various stages of growth


The Great Plant Escape

Solve the great plant mystery


Plants in Motion

An animated site that's a lot of fun


Plant-Parts Salad

Build a Salad while you learn about plants

Geo Mysteries
Explore geology at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Minerals by Name
View pictures of minerals and learn about their characteristics
Rockhound Home Page
Go digging with Rocky for some fun rock facts
Rocks That Glow
Discover which rocks actually glow
This Planet Really Rocks
A site dedicated to junior rockhounds
Welcome to Understanding Geologic Time
An animated site explaining geologic time

Letter Generator

Learn to write a personal or business letter

Comic Creator

Create your own comic strip

Line Break Explorer

Examine how a poem is created