MCAS 2.0 Schedule


4th grade

Tuesday April 4th

ELA, Session I, Hobson, Forward, Welsh, Mohan, Kannally

Wednesday April 5th

ELA, Session 2, Hobson, Forward, Welsh, Mohan, Kannally

Thursday April 6th

ELA,  Session 3, Hobson, Forward, Welsh, Mohan, Kannally

Monday April 10th, Make ups

Tuesday April 11th

ELA, Session I, Miller, Madden, Stockwell, Voiland, Fehrenbach, LeBlanc

Wednesday April 12th

ELA, Session 2, Miller, Madden, Stockwell, Voiland, Fehrenbach, LeBlanc

Thursday April 13th

ELA, Session 3, Miller, Madden, Stockwell, Voiland, Fehrenbach, LeBlanc

Monday April 24th, Make ups

Monday May 1, Make ups

Tuesday May 2nd

Math, Session 1, Miller, Madden, Stockwell, Voiland

Wednesday May 3rd

Math, Session 2, Miller, Madden, Stockwell, Voiland

Thursday May 4th

Math, Session 1, Hobson, Forward, Fehrenbach, LeBlanc

Friday May 5th

Math, Session 2, Hobson, Forward, Fehrenbach, LeBlanc

Tuesday May 9th

Math, Session 1, Welsh, Mohan, Kannally

Wednesday May 10th

Math, Session 2, Welsh, Mohan, Kannally


5th Grade

Tuesday April 25th,  ELA, Session I

Wednesday April 26th,  ELA, Session 2

Thursday April 27th,  ELA, Session 3

Thursday May 11th,  Math, Session 1

Friday May 12th, Math, Session 2

Thursday May 18th, Science Session 1

Friday May 19th, Science, Session 2


6th grade

Wednesday April 26th, ELA, Session 1

Thursday April 27th, ELA, Session 2

Friday April 28th, ELA, Session 3

Tuesday May 16th, Math, Session 1

Wednesday May 17th, Math, Session 2


Make Ups

Monday May 22nd- Friday May 26th




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