MVMS Guidance Counselors    2017-2018 school year
 Jennifer Vautour  ext. 3134  7th Grade
 Timothy Stonecipher  ext. 3133  8th Grade

Mission Statement (ASCA National Standards)

It is our mission to enhance and support the school learning environment and to assist all students in achieving academic, social, emotional, and career success. With the support of the school counseling program, students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to life-long learning. Students will explore the attitudes, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to help them understand self and others. With major consideration for prevention, intervention and assessment, school counseling services support the strands of the state Health Framework: social and emotional health, safety and prevention, personal and community health. The goals of the department are to enhance the educational and social/emotional growth of all students and to help identify and resolve individual student difficulties.

The MVMS School Counseling Program:

• Is designed to meet the developmental needs of all students.

• Supports students’ academic, career, and social/emotional development.

• Addresses the skills necessary for effective functioning in various life roles.

• Encourages family participation in order to support children’s academic success.

• Is an integral part of every student’s total educational experience.  

The Counselor:

• Advocates for all students.

• Provides individual/small group support for student or family concerns.

• Monitors student progress.

• Assists students to strengthen their self-perception and understanding and to seek knowledgeably the services they may need.

• Mediates in areas of conflict resolution and implements school-wide prevention/intervention programs including the MVMS Peer Mediation Program.

• Helps students to understand themselves better by discussing with them their needs, responsibilities, decision making, development, and choices.

• Listens to students talk about their academic accomplishments and concerns.

• Works with students to improve social interactions and foster emotional growth in students.

• Helps students, parents, teachers, and administrators to deal with problems within the classroom and surrounding school community that may impair a student’s ability to take advantage of the school’s educational opportunities.

• Is usually the student’s counselor for each of the middle school years, remains a constant in his/her school life and develops a relationship with the student that will enable the counselor to support the student’s comfort and success.

• Team member of Special Education Team Meetings.

• Team member of school SAT crisis team.

• Chairs TAT meetings and oversees each student’s 504 Plan.

The MVMS School Counseling Program provides:

• Individual student academic schedules.

• Scheduling for team meetings/conferences.

• Information on our Program of Studies.

• Information to register new students.

• Coordination and oversight of MVMS Advisory Group Program.

• Scheduling for specific education evaluation team meetings.

• Support for parent/teacher/student communications.

• Referrals to community agencies to assist students facing personal or family concerns outside the scope of the school counseling program.

• Coordination and support to the school’s PTO, SBMT, and Family Center programs.

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