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Malcolm L. Bell School Health Office
Karen Doherty, RN BSN

Health related forms can be found at the district health forms page here.


As you know, we at the BellSchool put the students first and are always looking for ways to keep all our students happy and healthy. It is very important for students to be well fed and have a balanced diet so that they are able to be alert and active in class. Please remember to send your student with a healthy snack for the school day. Even if your student usually orders lunch from school, they will still need a small healthy snack to help get them through the morning. Every class does have snack time in the morning and students should have healthy options to help fuel their day.

Items such as

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • yogurt
  • pretzels
  • crackers
  • cheese
  • granola bars

provide the energy students need without the sugar crash that candy or cookies bring. It might be fun to have your student help pack their snack the night before so you don’t feel rushed in the morning.


We would like to remind you that some students at the BellSchool have a potentially life threatening allergy to certain foods, including peanuts and tree nuts. We ask your help in keeping our students safe and healthy by becoming “allergen aware”. The best way to prevent a reaction is to strictly avoid the allergen.  We ask that you keep this in mind when you prepare snacks and classroom projects. This is not always simple as the allergy causing food may be secondary or hidden ingredient.  Additionally, students may be exposed to the allergen from cross-contamination if residue gets on playground equipment, balls, furniture and school supplies.

How you can help:

  1. Remind your child that swapping or sharing snacks and lunches is not allowed.
  2.  Washing hands before coming to school, before and after snack and lunch helps prevent cross contamination and accidental exposure.
  3. ALWAYS consult with teacher and school nurse prior to sending in foods for the classroom for celebrations or projects.
  4. Consider an alternative to food for celebrations such as a Birthday Book for the library, stickers, or an item from the teacher’s wish list.
  5. Check food labels for common allergens such as peanut/tree nut ingredients. Labels do change frequently, so check each time you purchase food to be consumed at school.

Thank you for your help and assistance in providing the students with a safe learning environment.   

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