Dear Marblehead Public Schools staff, students, families and community,
Below is a copy of a message the Marblehead Police Department has posted on their Facebook page. They have coordinated with us to have some officers on random buses to help curb violators who have been passing the buses when they are stopped with the red lights flashing. We thank the Marblehead Police for their continued assistance in keeping our students and schools safe!


Maryann Perry
Superintendent of Schools 

Marblehead Police Facebook Message:
Marblehead Police are going back to school. Officers will begin riding school buses to curb violations during the last weeks of the school season.
     Although the school year is nearing an end, Marblehead Police continue to receive reports of motorists who can't be bothered to stop for school buses that have their red lights flashing and stop sign out. We are partnering up with our friends at the Marblehead Public School Department to put a stop to this dangerous practice. Officers will begin to sporadically ride buses to capture the registration plates of offending vehicles that pass the bus when they shouldn't. With unmarked units ahead or behind the bus, the officer will radio out to stop the offending operator.
     Why are we telling people this will be happening, you ask? Because we are interested in stopping the bad and dangerous behavior proactively, rather than punishing the behavior after people have been put in harm's way. We are all required to stop and remain stopped while the bus lights are flashing so students can safely move around the bus. This holds true for the traditional, full-sized school buses as well as the smaller yellow buses and the white van-style buses. Fines and insurance surcharges for this violation are steep!
     PLEASE pass the word to any of your family or friends who you think might be tempted not to stop for a school bus. We are trying to be creative with limited manpower to effect some positive change in driving behavior. Please help us to keep the kids safe. Their safety is in our hands.


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