Dear Marblehead Parents and Community,
We would like to make you aware of two recent situations regarding our schools and students. This week, instances of inappropriate content were posted by students on Instagram. These posts included pictures of Veterans Middle School students with plastic toy airsoft guns.  Additional inappropriate comments that were added prompted Marblehead Police to investigate the situation. These comments were deemed to be not credible per Marblehead Police. Out of an abundance of caution, security measures were put in place including Police and School Administrative presence in the building.  Student backpacks were searched upon entering the building.

Thank you to the students, families, staff and Marblehead Police department for their support during this incident.

The second situation involves an increase in behavioral issues at home football games, particularly behind the building and on the back athletic fields.  Currently, there is an on-going Police investigation looking into some of these complaints, and we will continue to assist the Marblehead Police.  In response to this, additional safety precautions and Police presence will be in place for the remainder of the season. Also, a reminder to students and families, backpacks and open containers are prohibited on school grounds during football games.
As a part of our increasing focus on social and emotional wellness education and curriculum, as well as school building safety and security, the schools have been working to educate and promote a culture of tolerance and respect for others, including  building a safe environment in our schools, school grounds, school sponsored events and online. We continue to review our policies and procedures regarding social media, bullying prevention and student behavior guidelines collaboratively with school leadership, community leaders and the Marblehead Police Department.
These recent incidents provide an opportunity for family discussion surrounding appropriate use of social media, as well as school event behavior. We are asking the community to be our partner in these efforts.

To improve our communication within our buildings and out in the community, we have launched three official Twitter accounts:
      Marblehead Schools @MPS01945
      Daniel Bauer@MHSPrincipal54
      Marblehead Athletics@Marblehead_AD

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Maryann Perry

Superintendent of Schools

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