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Dear Marblehead Families,

At Town Meeting 2015, they voted to approve a School Department fiscal 2016 budget of $33,025,560. This number represents a $1,237,944 increase over the current fiscal year, or 3.8%. This incorporates the contractual salary increases of the successful collective bargaining agreements across all school staffing contracts.

We are pleased this Town Meeting approved budget incorporates our strategic goals of Educator Growth, Curriculum, Instruction, and School Culture and Climate. This budget also maintains all of the resources the school district gained last year through additional funding from the town and provides some additional resources for critical needs:

*Assistant Principal at the Marblehead Veteran's Middle School
*Phase two of High School math textbook adoption
*Technology development and upgrades consistent with technology plan
*Facilities needs and upgrades consistent with master plan
*Address achievement gap with tiered intervention
*Sustained professional development for teachers and administrators
*Fulfillment of contractual obligations across all staffing contracts

We are equally pleased to have been recognized by our colleagues in the Finance Committee annual Chairman's letter, which noted the following: "We also wish to thank the Superintendent of the Schools and the School Committee again for their hard work, cooperation, transparency, and open dedication to a stable system of governance and much-improved accountability in the budget process."

I wish to thank the School Committee and Finance Committee for their guidance and support, as well as our leadership team of administrators, principals and central office staff for their unwavering assistance throughout the budget process.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I thank our community members for their input through written, in-person, and phone communications, and attendance at School Committee and Finance Committee public hearings, culminating in the Town Meeting community vote. Family and community input, questions, concerns and recommendations are paramount to our operations and help us scaffold our budget priorities and process.

For additional information see documents and presentations related to the FY16 School Budget process on our website: www.marbleheadschools.org/business


Maryann Perry, Superintendent of Schools

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