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About PBIS

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) strive to teach behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. PBIS is an example of the application of Response to Intervention, or a multi-tiered school wide system of support for social behavior. Our CGS PBIS team consists of representative members of the school and is comprised of an administrator, teachers, and the school counselor. Our team has been able to build on the strong PRIDE initiative that has served us well for a number of years. Rather than telling the students what not to do, the school focuses on the preferred behaviors. For additional information, please visit the District's PBIS webpage.

School Expectations

At Coffin and Gerry Schools we show core values to teach us how to achieve academically, socially, and physically. Coffin/Gerry Schools work to achieve a positive and safe environment to enable students to learn and become good citizens.

In order to create an effective school culture that promotes improved learning for all students, our core values about learning and behavior function as our foundational beliefs and underlying school mission. The students have a better idea for what is expected. It gives students, teachers and staff a common language and our community is united by these common values. Our core values are TERRific: Teamwork, Effort, Respect & Responsibility.


  • Teamwork – Be Safe Everywhere & Be Heard
  • Effort – Learn & Listen
  • Respect – Be Caring & Proud of Differences
  • Responsibility – Be Honest & Truthful

kids sitting in a classroom holding homemade passports

Universal Expectations

Behavioral Expectation Matrix: What the behavioral expectations look like, sound like, and feel like in each area of the school are identified and outlined for students, teachers, and staff. Click here to view the matrix.

Expected Behaviors

  • TERRific: Core Values. We can communicate positive behavior expectations by being good role models and promoting positive behavior both in and out of the classroom.
  • Passport Day: Illustrates the core values and how we show them in different areas of the school.
  • Visual aids: Posted in some areas of the school outlining what each expectation looks like in the particular setting.
  • Marshmallow Toes: Gerry school students earn tickets for walking quietly down the stairs.
  • Community Meetings: Community meetings are based around our core values of Teamwork, Effort, Respect and Responsibility. Reinforcement of those behaviors happen at each community meeting. One class each month develops and presents a Core Value to the audience in the form of a skit and/or performance.
  • Buddy Bench: Both schools adopted the "Buddy Bench" program and presented this concept at the January community meetings.

two kids standing outside in the snowall of the kids from a certain class dressed up for Halloween. a girl dressed up as an incredibles character on the left and a girl as batman on the right


  • TERRific Tickets are used universally throughout the school to reinforce positive behaviors noticed by teachers and staff. When students fill their classroom ticket buckets the entire class gets to vote on a reward such as: Pajama Day, Extra Recess, Show and Tell, Sports Jersey Day, Math Game Day, Homework Pass, Super Hero Day, Craft Project.
  • GOTCHAs are given to students or classes that exhibit "above and beyond" the expected behaviors. Students are recognized with a "gotcha" certificate to take home and at the monthly Community Meeting with applause and a PRIDE bracelet.
  • The GOLDEN COD Award: Students voted on a Mascot (2 mascots: one for each building), and classes that receive Class GOTCHAS will earn the mascot to hang above their classroom door for a week.

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