Curriculum Renewal Report

Multi-Year Curriculum Renewal Plan 2015-2020


Why is the district concentrating on curriculum? Curriculum identifies what our students will learn at each grade level and is at the heart of educational success. Our goal is to ensure that all classes at the same grade level cover the same materials and to link materials vertically so that curriculum in each grade builds on what was covered earlier as students advance through the system. Moreover, we must align our curriculum with the state standards so, when our students are tested (MCAS), (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness and College and Careers), they have covered the topics. This report updates you with the details of our district’s progress in curriculum renewal efforts.



This report details our district’s multi-year progress in curriculum renewal, which began with math and was followed by ELA, and now extends to other areas. The work has been achieved with teams of teachers working together in groups large and small, facilitated by district leadership. We ensured sufficient time for teachers to meet to work on the new curriculum and receive ongoing training on curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In some cases, we adopted new classroom materials, and our teachers were trained in their use. We also adopted new classroom assessments of our students throughout the year to provide feedback to teachers - student by student, and classroom by classroom - such information not only helping each student, but also leading to curricular and instructional adjustments. Curriculum renewal will be a cyclic ongoing process in Marblehead. We are pleased with the progress made over the last few years, a reflection of the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our teachers and staff to enhance the educational experience for all students in the Marblehead Public Schools.