Department of Student Services

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The Marblehead Public Schools offer a continuum of specialized services and supports to ensure the vast majority of students receive an education within the community and to maximize an inclusive learning community for all students. The Department of Student Services supports initiatives, programs, and opportunities for students with a 504 Plan and and/or an individualized education plan (IEP).

Our special education continuum offers a full range of services and expertise that enhances the educational experience throughout the schools. Our many special education programs provide opportunities for students to receive specialized instruction specific to identified areas of needs, while simultaneously providing ongoing flexibility to remain within an inclusive, large-group, learning environment whenever possible. Our general education teachers and special education teachers work collaboratively to create individualized education plans that maximize educational experiences and opportunities for all students.

Staff Contacts


Eric Oxford

Director of Student Services

(781) 639-3140 ext. 11

Emily DeanStudent Services Liaison | Director of ELE(781) 639-3140 ext. 11
Peg SlatteryStudent Services Secretary(781) 639-3140 ext. 11
Alyssa ZimeiGlover School Special Education Chairperson 

(781) 639-3150

Lori MascisPre-K - Grade 3 Special Education Secretary(781) 639-3190 ext. 1002
Nicole GrazadoVillage School Special Education Chairperson(781) 639-3190 ext. 1516
Suzanne LojkoVillage School Special Education Secretary(781) 639-3159 ext. 1514
Meredith WishartCoffin School & Veterans School Chairperson 

(781) 639-3120 ext. 3126

Angela ChamberlinVeterans School Special Education Secretary(781) 639-3120 ext. 3123
Dr. Paula DonnellyHigh School Special Education Chairperson

(781) 639-3100 ext. 2119

TBDHigh School Special Education Secretary

(781) 639-3100 ext. 2114