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Winter Information

Dear Parents,

If inclement weather impacts the morning commute, the Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the Police Department and Public Buildings Department, will decide whether to cancel school or delay the opening of school. This decision will be made based on road conditions throughout the town, as well as on the ability to clear school driveways, parking lots, and entrances/exits. Parents are in the best position to judge the situation in their own neighborhood and to make decisions regarding safety. When you are deciding whether your child may walk to school, to drive your child to school, or to allow your high school student to drive to school, please be mindful of the conditions, especially given the height of snow banks at intersections and in parking lots. Parents who do not feel comfortable with the conditions in their neighborhood when school has not been canceled always have the option to choose not to send their children to school. During poor weather, parent pick up and drop off lines at schools will typically run more slowly than on a normal day, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Communication of Closures and Delays:

The Superintendent of Schools will make every effort to decide to either close or delay opening by 5:30am. Once the decision is made, the district's automated phone call and e-mail system will be used to communicate this information to families and staff. For families, the phone message will be sent to the phone number selected in Aspen and the e-mail will be sent to both parents' addresses - it is crucial that parents maintain up-to-date contact information in Aspen's Parent Portal for this to be effective. This message will be sent between 5:30am and 6:00am, and may take up to 15 minutes to cycle through.

Cancellation and delay information will also be broadcast on WBZ TV Channel 4, WCVB TV Channel 5, WHDH TV Channel 7, and WFXT TV Channel 25. The Marblehead Public Schools web site page will be updated as soon as possible after the decision.

Bill McAlduff, Interim Superintendent