About SchoolMessenger

The Marblehead Public School system has adopted the SchoolMessenger Notification Service to enhance school-to-home communication. This service allows Superintendent Maryann Perry and district administrators to send a voice, email and/or text message to designated contacts for families. Read "What you need to know about receiving SchoolMessenger calls" for more information.

The majority of the broadcasts will be Non-Emergency in nature. Only the Superintendent would initiate an Emergency Broadcast. All non-emergency messages may be sent to two phone numbers and two email addresses that parents/guardians have designated as 'Primary'. Emergency broadcasts would be sent to additional phone numbers and email addresses, if the parents/guardians have provided them. Duplicate numbers/addresses are flagged by the system to eliminate repeat calls. Read "Emergency Card Update Instructions" for additional details.

District administrators may utilize SchoolMessenger for:

  • District-wide safety and security issues
  • Cancellations, delays, or early dismissals due to inclement weather
  • District bus transportation issues, including the closure of the Causeway

Your child’s school’s administrators may utilize SchoolMessenger for:

  • Extra-ordinary building conditions, such as heat, light, and/or plumbing issues
  • Neighborhood construction issues affecting traffic patterns or parking
  • Early Release and Open House reminders
  • Report card, progress report and parent-teacher conference reminders
  • Transportation messages, such as late bus routes or field trip
  • Athletic events/cancellations or reschedules
  • Fine Arts productions/cancellations or reschedules
  • Surveys on timely educational topics