Lunch Orders

Ordering Links (school level specific) for 5/10-5/14

Coffin/Eveleth/Glover Order Form

Village 3-6 Only Order Form

Veterans Only Order Form

MHS Only Order Form

Please use the correct form to order for each student. Failure to do so may mean that your student could miss lunch.

If you find the order form active before noon you will notice “closed” next to the date. This means that, while you can still order for the remainder of the week, orders for that day will not be honored.

Menu Links

Breakfast Menu May 2021

Lunch Menu May 2021

Important Menu Change Note!! As of Monday, 4/12/2021 the sunbutter sandwich is being replaced by a soy butter and jelly sandwich. This is due to product availability.

Order Forms

There are separate forms for for Coffin/Eveleth/Glover, Village 3-6, Veterans, and MHS. Meals in the PK-3 grades will be dropped off directly to a student’s room. In grades 4-12 will pick up their meals from a preset location in each building. Parents will still need to order meals for their students.

You will need to provide:

  • School – All students
  • Student ID – All students
  • Grade, Teacher/Team – K-3
  •  Room Number. K-3

If you don’t have this information handy please contact your student’s school and obtain it.  It is essential to making sure that your student receives the meals ordered.

Breakfast - Given the amount of food being wasted we have begun asking students in Village, Veterans, and MHS if they would like a breakfast along with their lunch. There has been no change in the other schools. They will still have breakfast packed with lunch.

Unclaimed Meals - We have been experiencing a rather large number of leftover meals. Please communicate with your student that you have ordered for them.

When placing an order – if you do not receive the confirmation emails please do not place the order again. Instead, please email me at and I will confirm the order for you. Placing the order twice creates extra work and wasted food. The order form, to my knowledge, has never failed to capture a properly submitted order. Please check your SPAM folder for this communication.

Process Items

  • When entering your student’s information it is not necessary to put N/A, none, or the like in the excluded food column. You should enter any specific food that you are avoiding for religious reasons. We are not required to accommodate these requests but will do our very best. You should also enter specific conditions, like Celiac, in this column.
  • If we inadvertently fail to observe an allergic condition it is imperative that you inform us immediately.

Changes for at the Veterans and Marblehead High Schools

As we return to full attendance at all levels on Monday, 4/26, we are very excited to have everyone back! Please be aware of the following changes:

Marblehead High School

Meals will be served from the cafeteria service area. The HS Administration will communicate the protocols for eating and cleaning up. Utensils will only be provided for meals ordered from the Lunch Program. If you are bringing meals from home you should also bring your utensils and napkins.

Veterans Student Expectations for Lunch

1.  Show up to lunch on time and sanitize your hands when you enter advisory.

2.  If picking up a pre-ordered school lunch, check-in with your advisor then pick-up your lunch at the courtyard doors near the café.

3.  When eating lunch, you may have your mask off. However, as soon as you are done eating, your mask should go back on immediately to cover your mouth and nose.

4.  The beginning of lunch should be reserved for eating, socializing may take place more when you are done eating, and you have your masks back on.

5.  After eating, you must maintain at least 3 foot distance and remain masked.

6.  Throw your trash away in the large barrels, not in the classroom trash cans.

7.  Please return the seat cushion to its designated location.

8.  Wipe down your area after eating.

9.  When eating outside, stay with your advisor and enter/exit the building with your advisor.

10.  Suggestions: Put a napkin in your lunch for your mask – when you take it off, you should place it on a clean napkin. Possibly, lunch would be a good time to switch to a clean mask.  

Please remember to bring your own utensils and napkins for your lunch, utensils will be provided with pre-ordered school lunches only.

Pandemic EBT - 

A number of questions have been asked regarding pandemic EBT benefits. These benefits are automatically available to those who are directly certified by the state depart of Health and Human Services. It identifies those students and households through participation in SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid. If you are not participating in these programs it does not mean that you are not eligible. You must fill out an application for Free or Reduced meal benefits. If you qualify under the income guidelines you will likely be eligible for the Pandemic EBT benefit.

I believe that up to 35% of those receiving Pandemic EBT benefits were not previously or presently enrolled in any other benefit program. An application is available for download here.

USDA Increases SNAP Benefits Up To $100 Per Household with Funding from American Rescue Plan (click for more info)

Annual Public Announcement 09/03/2020: Free and Reduced Price Meal Policy

Due to the Act for Healthier, Hunger-Free Children and the Massachusetts laws regarding foods sold during breakfast and lunch, there will be no second portions available for purchase at any level.  Menus and portions are written and produced according to the strict regulations set forth in the law.  All snack (ala carte) items meet the requirements set forth in the laws.  Please remember that menus are subject to change without notice.  Every effort will be made to notify everyone of any changes.