School Committee

Marblehead Public Schools Protocols

The Marblehead School Committee values and views as our top priority the academic, social and emotional success of all students in our district. We agree to thoughtfully seek and support solutions that will provide the greatest benefit to students.

How We Govern

  • We shall conduct business through a set agenda tied to district goals. For efficiency and effectiveness discussion at meetings will be limited to the agenda.
  • The chair sets the agenda in consultation with the Superintendent. Members may request to add items to a future agenda by contacting the Superintendent or the chair.
  • We recognize the importance of proactive communication and will make every effort to convey our questions and concerns to the Superintendent by noon the Wednesday prior to the meeting.
  • School Committee members will respect the Open Meeting law and will maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
  • We shall exercise leadership in district vision, planning, policy, budgeting, program evaluation, and advocacy.
  • It is the Superintendent’s responsibility to oversee personnel issues and to manage the day-to-day operations of the district. It is the School Committee’s responsibility to evaluate the Superintendent’s effectiveness in these matters.
  • School Committee members will engage in open-minded, respectful debate, vote our convictions, avoid bias and will support the decisions of the majority of the Committee.
  • School Committee members will familiarize themselves with and uphold all district policies. Specifically policies relating to governance (BHC, BBAA, BIA, BHE, BCA, BDD).
  • We shall not use our positions for personal or partisan gain.
  • The chair represents the School Committee in engaging legal counsel.
  • The chair represents the School Committee with official media requests.
  • We adopt Robert’s Rules of Order as our guide.

How We Treat Each Other

  • We shall debate the issues keeping an open mind regarding other member’s opinions and/or positions.
  • We shall work to build trust between and among School Committee members, the Superintendent, and the administration by treating everyone with dignity and respect, even in times of disagreement.

How We Communicate

  • It is the School Committee’s responsibility to set a positive tone for the district. The School Committee members will work to engage our community and the stakeholders in our public schools by promoting our successes and identifying areas for growth.
  • The School Committee welcomes respectful, thoughtful input from the public in shaping committee decisions. Public comment is included in our agenda within the guidelines in our Public Participation policy.
  • School Committee members will refer important questions and concerns they receive from members of the community to the Superintendent and will channel requests for information through the Superintendent and the chair rather than directly to staff.
  • Personnel and or community questions or concerns received by the School Committee or its individual members will be directed to the Superintendent. The School Committee will encourage others to follow the District Chain of Command policy (Teacher, Principal, Superintendent).
  • School Committee members acknowledge the importance of working collaboratively with town officials, but recognize when they attend meetings of other committees and boards they speak and act as individuals not for the committee as a whole.