Special Education

Program Philosophy

The Marblehead Public Schools offer a continuum of services for students with special education needs ranging from inclusion within general education classrooms with a wide range of possible supports to programming for students who require intensive services within a smaller program environment. This array of services ensures that a majority of students with disabilities receive an education within the community and allows access to the general education program when and where appropriate. This extends to students from other districts who attend our programs and adds to their diversity. Our special education continuum offers a full range of services and expertise that enhances the educational experience throughout the schools.

Staff Contacts


Robert Bellucci

Director of Student Services

(781) 639-3140 ext. 4

Martha KrolStudent Services Liaison(781) 639-3140 ext. 4
Kara HeintzStudent Services Secretary(781) 639-3140 ext. 11
Melanie KaplanElementary Schools Special Education Chairperson

(781) 639-3150

Dr. Nora MurphyEarly Childhood Coordinator | Special Education Chairperson K-3(781) 639-3190 ext. 1006
Lori MascisPre-K - Grade 3 Special Education Secretary(781) 639-3190 ext. 1002
Nicole GrazadoVillage School Special Education Chairperson(781) 639-3190 ext. 1516
Lisa DimierVillage School Special Education Secretary(781) 639-3159 ext. 1514
Eric OxfordVeterans Middle School Chairperson 

(781) 639-3120 ext. 3126

Peg SlatteryVeterans School Special Education Secretaryb(781) 639-3120 ext. 3123
Candy BarnesHigh School Special Education Chairperson

(781) 639-3100 ext. 2119

Laura SherrisHigh School Special Education Secretary

(781) 639-3100 ext. 2114