Superintendent of Schools Fiscal 2018 Budget


The School Department annual objectives and strategic plan seeks to reflect the priorities identified in the district’s defined mission, vision and goals, with the assumption of concurrently providing sufficient resources to ensure compliance of all federal, state and locally mandated educational programs and requirements.

As the foundation of all district wide planning and goal setting spanning the full operations of the department, were the input, creation and adoption of the Mission Statement and Vision Statement, culminating in the release of the Strategic Plan Brochure. Having these solidified blueprints in place enabled the more detailed work in specific operational areas to occur with a common guide driving the output.

Marblehead Public Schools Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to foster in our students a passion for learning, and to provide a safe nurturing environment in which they can develop the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve full potential in their personal, social and work lives, and to become contributing members of society."

Marblehead Public Schools Vision Statement

"A model school district, exemplary in its student engagement and academic excellence, where all students meet their highest potential with the support of outstanding instructional leadership and in partnership with the community."

Aligning with this mission and vision, our primary budgetary goals are to provide students with the highest quality administrative and instructional staff, curriculum and assessment tools, and an environment conducive to the potential of greatest student achievement. Long and short term strategic planning, and the budget process, drives the prioritization of these goals with student outcomes always at the forefront of planning.



There is much to be proud of within the Marblehead Public Schools. As we celebrate student achievements, high assessment scores and rankings, and an advanced percentage rate of students moving on to higher education, we concurrently must look to long term to continue to challenge ourselves toward academic challenge and improvement, and student-based initiatives and advances. Our teachers continue to be the drivers of our top tiered district. They participate in numerous professional development opportunities and are committed to teaching to the whole child. As technology and educational advancement and mandates move quickly, so to do the unique needs of an evolving student body and demographic. Balancing the needs of the district to maintain high performing and rigorous academic and extracurricular student experiences, with long term operational planning and sustainability includes responsible fiscal management, as well as community engagement and communication. We are optimistic as we look to budget the student driven instructional and programmatic growth initiatives of school year 2017-2018, and are proud of the traction and recent successes that we have experienced over the past school year.