District Update

Each summer in our buildings and our central administration office we prepare the buildings, facilities, and grounds as well as update technology and curriculum materials district-wide. Additionally, we finalize staffing for the upcoming year, prepare and plan for staff professional development, and participate in a wide range of training including safety and security, technology, curriculum, procurement, health and wellness, and student social and emotional best practices.


K-8 Science Curriculum Alignment – To support science curriculum development and implementation we continue to align district science curriculum to the 2016 STE Frameworks. Additionally, FOSS Science Kits were added for grades K-6 to implement student classroom work with the kits.

Social and Emotional Learning – We continue to progress in our work to support improved academic and behavior outcomes of all students through the ongoing implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports framework (PBIS) in grades K-8 and through staff professional development. Additionally, training has been provided on implementing the Second Step SEL curriculum and Bullying Prevention Units to support consistency across the district in grades K-6. At the Middle and High School level training continues on developing standards-based health/prevention units to address risk-factors associated with students at these levels.

Service Learning - In Marblehead, service learning combines learning objectives with authentic instructional activities. It also develops critical thinking and civic responsibility. Service learning focuses on interdisciplinary learning opportunities, community partnerships, and expanded participation in all schools.  A sampling of projects in past school years include visits to the Lafayette Nursing home, Red Cross hurricane relief, care packages to the US Virgin Islands, food drives, letters to Veterans and Martin Luther King "National Day of Service" posters. 

Safety and Security

A key goal for the 2018-19 school year was the implementation of a comprehensive school safety program throughout the district. Partnering with the Marblehead Police and Marblehead Fire Departments, all staff was trained on the A.L.I.C.E. school safety protocol, a five-step process designed to increase school safety and security. These steps include 1) Alert; 2) Lockdown; 3) Inform; 4) Counter and 5) Evacuate. All principals and designated administrators were trained on this protocol last fall.


In our goal of ever-increasing transparency and communication, we invite you to our website at www.marbleheadschools.org.  Our website contains a wealth of information on district operations and current updates. Please view our ClearGov Financial Dashboard. This tool provides families and the community clear and accessible data points directly relating to our district strategic goals. Metrics and data points from indicators including faculty/staffing, financials, technology, student enrollment and demographics and assessment and post-graduate plans are all a part of the publically available information provided in this interactive tool. We hope you find it informative and useful!

Our website provides access to online materials and organized reports and information by the department as well as by School Committee agenda schedules. All reports presented to School Committee in public session are posted to the School Committee section of the MarbleheadSchools.org website. Additionally, for specific long-term processes, such as the budget, ‘quick-links’ are provided for fast and easy access to documents and materials. 

Building administrators foster family outreach with frequent electronic communications and newsletters.


NEASC Accreditation - Last year, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) approved the Special Progress Report for Marblehead High School. The High School continues as a fully accredited institution and was commended by the Association for progress made in Curriculum, School Culture and Leadership, and Community Resources for Learning. In particular, NEASC was pleased with the use of the Google Docs for curriculum revisions, aligning rubrics to student work examination, professional development to develop and examine curriculum, the support provided in Google applications by the Technology Department, the increased stability of the district and school administration, the quality of communication and collaboration between district and school administration, and the stable and dependable school budget and staffing levels. We extend our thanks to Principal Dan Bauer, Assistant Principals Lynsey Page and Michele Carlson, and the entire faculty for their outstanding work and dedication in moving the High School forward.  

AP District - Marblehead Public Schools, continues to be recognized for its strong and comprehensive Advanced Placement (AP) program. The district was recently named to the 7th Annual District AP Honor Roll. This means that Marblehead High School achieved increases in access to AP courses and also maintained or improved the rate at which our AP students earned scores of 3 or higher on an AP exam. Marblehead High School offers AP courses in 18 subjects, extending across multiple content areas. Our faculty continues to participate in AP professional development, which further enhances the current program. The AP program at Marblehead High School is critical in providing college-level coursework for our students, in preparation for their transition post-secondary education.  

Wellness - Last summer, two of our health educators at Marblehead Veterans Middle School, Maura Dartley-Rocco, and Jaimee Callahan, presented a workshop at the 2nd Annual School Health Conference in Salem. They were joined by Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Dr. Bradford Smith. The workshop, entitled "How it is Done: Transforming Curriculum to Skills-Based and SEL Aligned" focused on substance use prevention units at the Middle School and High School. This work is an outgrowth of the health curriculum work funded by the Youth Opioid Prevention Grant through the Office of MA Attorney General Maura Healey.  

Please take the time to read the informational correspondence emails from our School Building Administrators. In these messages, families will receive targeted information specific to their student and grade level as we prepare to welcome our students in grades 1st through 12th on Tuesday, August 27th.  A special welcome to our Pre-K and Kindergarten families. The first day for Pre-K and Kindergarten students is Tuesday, September 3rd.