History of Glover

Black and White Photo of Glover School

The original Glover school was designed by architect Walter S. Brodie. It consisted of two buildings. The 'lower building' was built in 1916 and the 'upper building' in 1948. The school, named after Revolutionary War hero General John Glover, was built on a former Naumkeag Indian encampment. Shortly after it was constructed, locals began calling it "The Farm School" since many of its students came from families that owned vegetable farms in the surrounding area.

In August 2012 both buildings were demolished so that a new Glover School could be built in their place.

Old Glover School BuildingExcavator demolition old school BuildingOld Glover School Building Mostly Destroyed

Old Glover School Being DestroyedOld Glover School Being DestroyedBulldozer at Glover School Site

On February 24, 2014, students entered the new Glover School for classes for the first time. The school includes classes from Pre-K  to Grade 3.

New Glover School BuildingGlover LibraryKids Reading at Desk in Glover Elementary

Glover School ClassroomGlover School Art RoomGlover Elementary Staircase