Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support
PBIS Rocky

PBIS is a district-wide, scientifically based, strategic and thoughtful approach to student behavior. PBIS has been shown to improve students' performance at school, attendance, and grades; reduce bullying; and increase safety.

PBIS focuses on prevention and making school a place where behaving appropriately is the norm. The whole school establishes clear expectations for behavior and rewards students for meeting expectations. PBIS is not a curriculum, intervention, or practice, but rather provides a framework for students and staff that addresses behavior, from one stage to the next, so learning for all students improves. Each school sent a team of teachers to attend PBIS training. These teachers work over the course of the year to ensure that PBIS is implemented consistently across the district. 

We are now working on the positive reward part of our stage one implementation. In Stage one we are focused on making hallway and cafeteria behavior very positive. Every staff member is given 5 tokens per week. During the week they are to award a token to either an individual student or a class that is modeling the school expectations for the hallway or cafeteria. For example if a student is having a quiet conversation at lunch with his tablemates and is sitting and not moving around, an adult may give him/her a token, or reward the whole table with a token. Either way the token goes towards the class collection. Staff are not allowed to give tokens to their own class. The tokens are turned into the main office every morning and are displayed in clear tubes in the window so that students can see their progress as they pass by. At the end of two weeks the class with the most tokens are rewarded with the long tables by the windows for lunch. They are also allowed free seating at these tables, which is the big buzz in the classrooms. The winning classes are given a large stuffed lobster that they can carry to lunch and keep in their room until the next class earns the tables. The students voted on the lobster's name, and have decided to call him Rocky. 

The students are very excited about the token system and we are seeing a much more orderly passing in the hallways and a much more enjoyable lunch for students in the Cafetorium. Every day the students stop by the office to see how their classroom is doing.

For more information, please visit the District's PBIS webpage.