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School Advisory Council Minutes 11/4/2021




I.  Greeting at 3:00 PM 

II . Breakout Groups - What are the Top- Goals for the SAC for this year?

III.  NEASC Visit 

      * Posponed until 2026 

      * We are on waiting list for NEASC workshop 

       * Faculty and Staff will do self - reflective work to             prepare for visit , starting 2023 

IV.  Social Media 

      * All grades will attend workshops about responsible social media use the week of November 15. 

V.  School Improvement Plan Updates 

      * We have begun to align teaching and learning , pre- K - 12, with MTSS, which allows all students to meet or exceed academic and social - emotional standards.

      * Diversity , Equity , Inclusion - district -wide team created to lead teacher training 

          - Equity audit occured at beginning of school year 

          - Teachers attended ( and will attend more ) PD with Henry Turner and Ms. Page 

          - Anti-discrimination program students who violate DEI policies, focused on educationg students about origins and impacts of discriminationg language .


     * Improved since 2019 : English and Language Arts 

     * Scores dropped Statewide : Math 

     * Stayed the same : Biology