2024- 2025 Summer Reading Information

  • Welcome to the Summer Reading Information website! 

    Every student - both 7th and 8th - must read one book from our "Project Book" list of 17 books.  After reading that book, you must complete a project from the eight options we provide on that page.  That project will be due in either the second or third week of school.  You do NOT have to bring it with you on the first day.  We will announce the "due date" as we get closer to the start of the school year.  Please see the Project Book website linked to the left.

    Students entering the 8th grade will also read a 2nd book for their Civics class - Be a Changemaker.  Information about that book and what you should do as you read it can be found on the web page linked to the left.

    If you have any questions about Summer Reading, please feel free to email the principal at fox.matthew@marbleheadschools.org.