• Kindergarten is where children learn independence and responsibility through classroom citizenship.  They listen and work responsibly with other students and begin to manage interpersonal conflicts appropriately. They also develop a positive self-image and attitude towards school.  

    In the area of language arts, children demonstrate an understanding of letter and sound correspondence, blend sounds to make cvc words, and develop writing skills through various topics. 

    In the area of math, children reason and use models and tools to persevere in solving problems.  They also learn number sequence, develop an understanding of addition and subtraction, multidimensional shapes, and data collection. 

    In the area of science, children observe and ask questions, collect data on weather over the school year, and investigate how different kinds of materials can be solid or liquid depending on temperature. 

    In the area of social studies, children practice social responsibility, compare and contrast holidays, develop an understanding of their geographical location and learn about jobs in the community. 

    Throughout each day, learning is integrated so that students learn concepts, practice roles, construct meaning, and test ideas. Classroom materials provide a hands-on approach to investigation, problem solving, critical thinking, sharing, and creating.