Grade 3


    In third grade our reading focuses on literal and inferential comprehension. We will be writing letters, narratives, opinion pieces, and non-fiction reports. Third graders will be working towards independently editing and revising their own writing. In math, the big focus is on understanding multiplication and division and memorizing facts 0-10. We will also cover multi-digit addition/subtraction, graphs, fractions, and multistep word problems. Our science units cover weather, motion and matter, and structures of life (plants & crawfish).  Finally, third graders learn all about Massachusetts in their social studies curriculum, including the regions and different types of land. We also learn about the Revolutionary War, specifically, Massachusetts' role in the events leading up to it.


    Music/Fine Arts

    “Moving Voices, Moving Bodies and Moving Hearts”

    Ms. D’Amour-

    At the L. & J. Brown School, we are preparing all students to be tuneful, “beat”ful and artful musicians for life.  Music class meets twice a week for 45 minutes at a time.  In music class, while providing joyful and community-building experiences, we also lay a foundation for music literacy.  Students have opportunities to express ideas and emotions in music, and at the same time develop skills and knowledge.   We sing, dance, create, play small percussion instruments and respond to music while learning the musical language.  Third graders expand their music literacy skills with the recorder.  Please feel free to reach out to Ms. D’Amour at any time with questions or concerns you may have.  It is such a pleasure to make music with our students!