Chromebook BYOD

  • About the Initiative

    Marblehead High School launched a Chromebook BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative for students in the 2018-19 school year. Teachers are provided a Chromebook by the District and have participated in a series of professional development sessions for use of technology in the classroom. 

    Why did we choose Chromebooks?

    Chromebooks were selected for their ease of use, low cost and all-day battery life. They fully support Google applications. Chromebooks also offer a Google Management System that allows us to deploy settings, extensions and apps that will be utilized in the classroom.

    Why have we launched a Chromebook BYOD program?

    Marblehead High School is committed to preparing students for life and careers in the digital age by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to innovate and create using technology.

Dell Ordering Portal

    1. Browse to the Dell Portal.
    2. Select Standard Configurations from either the My Tools or Shop Dell Products sections.
    3. Add the Chromebook and go to your Cart.
    4. Click Checkout.
    5. Shipping and Payment: complete the Order Contact fields; Billing Information: complete the Billing fields and add Marblehead Public Schools in the Company Name field. Select Credit Card in the drop-down menu under Payment Method and enter your card information.
    6. Review your order and click Order and Confirm Payment.
    7. If you experience problems during the online ordering process or with delivery of the purchased Dell Chromebook, please contact the District's Dell representative, Larry Bartek.
    Dell Chromebook warranty support
    Please note that you must deal directly with Dell to address hardware issues encountered with your Chromebook.
    Some troubleshooting steps you may perform:
    1. Perform Hard Reset: hold down Power button and Refresh keys for 10 seconds. Reconnect; if power light comes on, charge for 30 minutes minimum.
    2. If still no powerlight, repeat Step 1.
    3. If still no powerlight after 2nd hard reset, unplug everything. Then plug charger into power outlet and then the Chromebook; charge for 1 hour minimum.
    4. If still no power light after these 2 hard resets, contact your Chromebook manufacturer (Dell). For other manufacturer contact info, visit Google Help Center or Get Help ? App.
    The Dell Chromebooks have warranty support for one year from purchase. You may access Dell's warranty support online or by calling: Home Users In Warranty: 1-800-624-9896,  24/7
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