• Advanced Placement Program

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed to be taught at the same level as a first semester college course of the same name. They are exceedingly rigorous in both scope and sequence. Students who choose this level of difficulty are expected to participate in subject-specific national examinations. Advanced Placement courses are extremely time consuming. Enrolling in more than two AP classes per year represents a tremendous commitment. This should be done with caution. If a student elects to do Senior Project in the second semester, the student must still attend all Advanced Placement classes. Taking the AP exam is required.

    The Advanced Placement Testing Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) provides students with the opportunity to receive college credit for rigorous, demanding high school work. These tests are administered by the CEEB and certain test scores are accepted for credit by most colleges and universities.

    One of our goals at MHS is to place students in courses that provide an appropriate challenge. In an effort to be inclusive and yet also provide a successful course placement for each student, the following selection criteria may be used:

    ▪ Success in pre-requisite courses (where appropriate)
    ▪ MCAS scores (where appropriate)
    ▪ Teacher recommendation
    ▪ A subject-oriented essay

    MHS offers several courses at this level providing an intellectually stimulating experience. Students interested in an academic challenge requiring analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of difficult subject matter are encouraged to apply for advanced placement courses. Summer work may be required. AP candidates are required to attend AP meetings in the spring.

    AP courses are not required for graduation and as such are a choice, not an obligation. By choosing to take an AP course, students are also committing themselves to taking the AP exam. Significant attention is paid to preparing for the AP exam in May, which students are required to take. A fee is charged for each test taken, students should plan accordingly. Students who can demonstrate financial need generally by qualifying for free and reduced lunch may request a scholarship through the College Board to cover some or all of the AP exam fees.

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