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    Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and quality program that enables students to express ideas and emotions through visual, performing and applied arts. Our goals include helping students develop and expand their abilities to create, perform, and reflect on their artmaking, to develop their understanding of cultural and historical connections to the arts, and to apply and enjoy the arts throughout their lives. We also believe in the importance of having students participate in a culture that fosters exploration, experimentation, and artistic communication, to publicly exhibit and perform one’s art, and to work with teachers who are life-long learners as artists and arts educators.

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    Visual, Performing & Applied Arts
    Subject Room  
    Leah Bordieri Photography, Graphic Design
    B205 Website
    Henry Christensen TV Studio D215 Website
    Julie Frias Orchestra C105  
    Averi Parece Band C103  
    Shirley Huller White Drawing, Painting, Art Studio B202 Website
    Kelsey Klibansky Sculpture B206  
    Cathy Landergan CAD, Painting B210 Website
    Andrew Scoglio Chorus C105 Website
    Janice Skalaban Business A206 Website
    Robert Taylor Woodshop D213