• Welcome to Marblehead Veterans Middle School!

    We know that the transition into middle school may be filled with an equal amount of excitement and worry.  It is our hope that the outstanding teachers and support staff, growth-focused curriculum, a commitment to a true middle school model, and enrichment activities will quickly put any worries to rest.  A key focus at MVMS is not only opening the eyes of our students with interesting content based on state and national standards; but to ensure that they master the skills needed to succeed in secondary education.  Some of those general skills modeled across our school include self-advocacy, writing conventions, study skills, notetaking, and organization. 

    A successful school experience is truly a collaborative effort.  Our teachers, guidance counselors, and other support professionals are easily reachable via email.  Even though one of our focus areas in middle school is to gradually increase the level of independence in our students while supporting them, we greatly encourage parents to frequently sit with their students to talk to them about what they are learning in school.  As a school, we also put a priority on communication.  With frequent emails and updates, we hope to keep all our families aware of happenings within the school.

    I have been so fortunate to be the principal of “Vets” for the last 13 years.  The high level of achievement and growth demonstrated over those years by our students is a true testament to the holistic excellence that exists within our faculty and staff.  From our teachers to our custodians, everyone is fully committed to the growth and development of our students. 

    We hope you have a great school year!

    Matt Fox