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Reclaiming Our Community's Kindness

  • In 2021-22 we will Reclaim Our Community’s Kindness through a series of "kindness mobs" - the first of which will celebrate the opening of the Lucretia and Joseph Brown Elementary School on October 13th. 

    What is R.O.C.K.?

    R.O.C.K. stands for Reclaiming Our Community’s Kindness. It’s our shared effort for the 2021-22 school year to recommit to spreading kindness between individuals and within groups. It’s especially meaningful here as Marblehead is built on and named for ledge - literal rock.

    How it works

    Headers past and present - students, families, alumni and community members - are invited to create and drop off kindness-themed, decorated rocks to show support for the new school. 

    The rocks can be decorated however you like and can feature supportive words, calls for kindness, specific messages targeted to the school opening... whatever you’d like to share.  They will be displayed for the Brown students to see as a symbol of our shared commitment to them and to kindness.

    (Note: Please do not take rocks from Goldthwaite or any other Town nature reserve!)

    Get involved

    • Just paint or color a rock with your message and drop it off in the mulch along the sidewalk ledge in front of the  Lucretia & Joseph Brown Elementary School (40 Malcom Road) between Oct 1 and Oct 12.
    • If you are excited to do more, perhaps host a rock painting party for your friends, family or neighbors. The more rocks, the better!
  • “For the last year the pandemic has colored our interactions. We have been socially distant and that distance has - at times - allowed our sense of a kinder society to deteriorate. It’s time that we attend to each other more sensitively. Let’s appreciate that the struggle, the uncertainty, the anxiety is real and it manifests itself differently in each of us. Let’s commit to listening more in an effort to understand - the person, the idea, the situation - better. 

    As we come back together for the 2021-22 school year, I want us to R.O.C.K. Marblehead... to Reclaim Our Community’s Kindness. The idea of decorating rocks is not new, not even new to Marblehead, but the mission is simple: to cultivate connections within our community and lift others up through simple acts of kindness. So paint a word, a message, an image, something that says “kindness” to you. Take a picture of your rock.  Promote it via social media in a positive way.  I hope as people see them they are reminded of kindness, a core value of our Town.”

    Dr. John Buckey

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