Interim Superintendent Search

  • Interim Superintendent Search Process


    The Marblehead School Committee is seeking one parent and one staff member to serve on the Interim Superintendent Search Screening Committee.

    Interested parents should submit a letter of interest stating they are a parent and reasons why they are seeking to serve to the Chair, Sarah Fox at no later than September 4th.

    Interested staff should be members of the Unit A contract and submit a letter of interest to Jonathan Heller or Sally Shevory by September 4th.

    Below are the dates all individuals submitting a letter of interest to participate in the Interim Superintendent Search Process must be available:


    • September 18 - Monday -Application closing date


    • September 18 – Monday (6-9 pm) First meeting of Screening Committee (This is when members will receive some training on interview procedures such as formulating questions, confidentiality etc. At the end of the training members will receive the confidential link to the application packets.


    • September 20- Wednesday(6-10 pm)-Second meeting of the Screening Committee: At this meeting the members will decide whom to interview and will finalize their questions.


    • September 27,28,29 (evening) and 30(day): Interviews scheduled


    • Deliberation by the Screening Committee can take place after the last interview or on a separate date depending on scheduling. The above noted dates for interviews will cover applicable dates.                                      NESDEC will guide the process of deliberation.



    Interested parties should only submit a letter of interest if available on all listed dates.