• Welcome to the Marblehead Integrated Preschool Program!


    Our classrooms are designed to provide high quality early childhood education for children ages 3-4 (with some students turning 5 during the school year). Our mixed-age preschool classrooms provide a continuum of Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services, which are designed for young children with disabilities who need specially designed instruction or related services and whose disability(ies) causes the child to be unable to participate in developmentally appropriate typical preschool activities. ECSE programs and services ensure that all children with disabilities have a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) that is designed to meet their unique needs and enable them to make progress in acquiring knowledge and skills, improving social relationships, and learning to take action to meet their needs within the general education program. An integral part of our preschool program are peer partners, who learn side by side with children with disabilities. There are preschool classrooms at both the Brown and Glover Schools. Each classroom has a maximum of 8 peer partner slots. 


    Both full day and half day slots are offered. We are not offering partial weeks at this time.

    Half days: 8:05 - 12:00 Monday through Friday

    Full days: 8:05 - 2:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


    2023-24 Tuition Rates


    Full Days - $6,500

    Half Days - $4,500



    Information about upcoming preschool screens will be shared at the start of 2024, please check back.

    The screening will be for 45 minutes, with your child visiting one of our preschool classrooms at Glover School. During that time, teachers and service providers will complete some brief, individual screening tools. We are also asking caregivers to complete a Student Information Form to be submitted by the completion of the screening time slot (hard copies will be available).