• Welcome

    Welcome new and returning colleagues,

    I would like to briefly note some important operational information to assist you as we start the new school year. Please see within updated Business and Finance Office contact sheet as well as some frequently asked questions. This information and many of our MTRS, 403b and internal operations forms are posted to the Business and Finance Office page within the website.

    Please review the information below and feel free to contact me with any questions. We work closely with Human Resources and the Town of Marblehead Payroll and Benefits Office and are happy to get you to the right contact or find an answer for those questions we may not know. Have a great first week and welcome to the Marblehead Public Schools!

    Marblehead Public Schools
    9 Widger Road
    Marblehead, MA 01945
    phone 781-639-3140 
    fax 781-639-3149

    Payroll — Full Staff:

    First paychecks will be distributed to the buildings Thursday, September 6th. Reminder that despite the mandated direct deposit, those newly signed up or new to district will receive one live check before direct deposit begins.

    Please review your first check for accuracy of frequency, (teachers 26/22) step and grade, and deductions. (Retirement, 403b). Please also review pay for correct peripheral pay such as teacher leader, longevity, mentor, etc. It is helpful to School and Town payroll to address pay discrepancies early in the year.


    Paychecks and direct deposit paystubs will be delivered to the school and put in your mailbox or held with the building secretary for pick up. For new employees signed up for direct deposit, your first check issued will be live and subsequent checks will be direct deposit. Please check your first paycheck carefully for accuracy with hours (where applicable), rate, deductions, name and address. The address on your paycheck is where your year-end tax forms will be mailed to. Paychecks are distributed every other week for teachers and every week for hourly support staff.


    Non-Professional Teachers or Administrators will fill out a timeslip. The building secretaries will have the blank timeslips for distribution at the beginning of each week and will collect the timeslips to send back to administration by Thurs am. If there are changes to your timeslip (for example, you end up calling in sick or personal day on a Friday after writing in worked hours), please let your building secretary know and she will report that information to Administration/Payroll to update.